As a cleaning organization founded by nurses, the health and safety of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance. In these trying times, adaptation is key to achieve maximum efficiency. Our normal cleaning services are performed in addition to extra precautions taken, with reference to the guidelines of the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies, in order to establish the most efficient course of action. 

We are implementing healthy precaution policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases such as to the communities we serve. Some of our policies include:

  • Taking the temperature of employees and completing a healthy screening survey, prior to their cleaning appointment. 
  • The use of masks at all times
  • Regular hand washing 
  • Not sending employees with abnormal symptoms to prevent the possible spread of infection. 
  • Allowing out clients to pay electronically in order to reduce contact with staff. Clients also have the option to not be present during the clean, to promote social distancing. 


We value the concerns and health of our clients. If you have any requests for additional safety accommodations during our visit, feel free to inform us any time. 

We’re glad you asked. Clean Slate Mates is a family-owned business focus on our client’s unique needs. We are run by Registered Nurses who believe that a clean home can bring so much to your health and well-being. We tailor each booking to your needs and provide friendly, reliable, high quality cleaning services for your home and business.

All of our folks are interviewed and pass a nationwide detailed background check. Only about 10% of the people that apply end up working as a Clean Slate Mates certified cleaner.

If something goes wrong we’re here to make it right. Please let us know right away and we’ll be there to take care of it. That’s our promise to you!

We have three levels of security in place. First off our booking page is protected by extended validation SSL. Secondly, our booking form has its own layer of 256 bit security. Third, credit card transactions are processed by Stripe and is layered on their own 256 security protocol. In addition, no credit card numbers are stored in our system (only a token that allows us to charge the card). Rest assured we take security very very seriously.

Yes they do. We run a detailed nationwide background check on all applicants as the last step in our pre-screening process.


Whether you’re renting your home or apartment and hoping to get your deposit back, or you’re a property owner preparing the space for the next inhabitants, being on top of the cleaning is important. Now that you’re ready for a new slate wouldn’t it be helpful if your slate was…clean? Book a clean slate appointment and allow our mates to clean your old/new home so you can focus on new beginnings.

In any industry, employees and clients expect your office or retail store to be clean. If appearance is the first impression of a workplace, its cleanliness can easily impact your success. Office environments and other commercial areas should exude cleanliness and sanitation in order to boost employees’ productivity and delight potential customers. We will work with you to customize a cleaning and maintenance plan that works for you. Request a commercial quote here by clicking Commercial Quote here or at the bottom of the page.

This service is specifically for those who have recently completed a renovation or remodel and need not only a deep cleaning, but heavy dusting.  Post construction dust and dirt can be harmful to the health of the building’s occupants and it is quite often difficult to remove. Post construction cleaning requires specialized equipment, products and expertise to effectively remove the airborne dust particles and residue that settles everywhere after construction and renovation, including on furnishings, carpet, wall hangings, windows and fittings, sanitary fittings, walls, hard surfaces and tile floors.Post-Reno and Construction cleanings include:

  • Dusting air diffusers
  • Cleaning lights
  • Damp cleaning restroom fixtures
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Spot cleaning interior glass
  • Vacuuming and spot treating carpets
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors

*Please note construction & renovations MUST be completed and the property MUST have running water and working electricity and lights. We cannot adequately & safely clean your home if construction is still underway. In addition, this eliminates the risk of undoing the sparkling clean we’ve done!

A deep cleaning service includes everything in a standard clean, but is designed to really tackle your home’s deep dirt and grime. Some of the services offered in a deep cleaning include:

  • Clean soap scum and scale from the shower head, taps, kitchen tiles.
  • Clean areas behind appliances like refrigerator, oven or washing machine.
  • Dust baseboards and doors carefully all over the home.
  • Clean interior windows
  • Clean window frames and patio door
  • Clean interior doors of your oven
  • Dust and wet-wipe all furniture
  • Dust items on furniture and lampshades
  • Vacuum tops of drapes and valances
  • Vacuum and wash hard surface floors

These are just a few of the deep cleaning procedures we provide. We also have deep cleaning plans for each room, as you would like cleaned.We highly recommend deep cleans for first time customers. Real estate agents and those looking to sell their homes will also benefit from our deep cleaning services.

“Green cleaning” is a term used to refer to the use of cleansing products methods which are environmentally friendly and are designed to preserve the quality of our health and environment. At Clean Slate Mates, we believe that a clean environment is essential in the start of a clean slate. The health and cleaning industries have developed exponentially throughout the last few years, providing us with a diverse selection of cleansing products that cause no negative health effects due to prolonged exposure. It is important for our community to take the initiative to reduce toxic emissions and waste to preserve our planet the health of those in our communities. With our Green Clean Slate option, the customer can feel at ease, as we aim to only use cleaning products that are low-waste, non-staining, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and cause no irritation to the skin. 

With our dedication to providing environmentally safe services, we include recycling, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and the use of reusable microfiber cloths for our Green Slate Cleaning option. 

At Clean Slate Mates, we believe that using environmentally safe products and materials is just one small step we can take to provide a healthier future for our communities , our staff, ourselves, and most importantly you. 

Standard cleaning takes into account everything that involves cleaning a home or apartment. Cleaning/vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dusting, etc. We do offer extra services like cleaning inside the fridge and inside the oven, and those can be selected on the booking form when you select service. This service is best for those who have used our service or another professional cleaning service within the past 30 days.


We ask you to please inform us within 24 hours if you need to reschedule or cancel a cleaning. If a client does not cancel within 24 hour there will be a cancellation fee of 20%.

We take your credit or debit card details at the time of booking, however, we will only process your payment on the day of your cleaning. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards for payment.

We offer one-time, weekly, tri-weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleanings. Let us know how often you would like your service and we will come to you and give you a quote.

We always encourage you to show your appreciation to your cleaning professional if you are happy with their work done in your home. While it is not a requirement, a gratuity is a very powerful way to say thank you.

If you’re not delighted with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean (within a 7-day window). Simply, email us a brief description along with pictures of the missed areas within 24 hours of your appointment. If you still don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we’ll refund your money.

If something is not done to your expectations, please let us know. We’ll send a team out to make it right (within a 7-day window). If after our re-clean is completed and you’re still not happy with service, we offer a full refund.


The most common reason for discount codes not working is that they’ve expired. If you’ve received a discount code please make sure it’s still valid. Also, some of the codes we give out are for first-time clients or for recurring customers only, so please check that your situation matches the requirements of the promotion. If none of these situations apply to you, we ask you to get in touch so we can fix your problem ASAP.

Log into your account and update your address in your upcoming booking. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will update your address for you.

Log into your account and update your card on file. Your new card will automatically be noted as your default card.

Simply go to our booking form and schedule your appointment online. Alternatively, you can give us a call if there are any issues at all.

Absolutely. Simply enter your coupon (gift card) code into the booking form as you are creating your booking. Your final price will automatically change to reflect your coupon balance. At any time you can log into your account and see the balance on any gift cards you have.


We provide services for each of the 5 boroughs in New York City. We also provide services throughout Nassau County on Long Island. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to confirm your service address is covered.

We are proud to offer flat rate services with the option to add on affordable services of your choice. You’ll get a price estimate when you fill in the booking form on our Booking Page. The price depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home and the number of extra services that you request. Select the number and the price is shown instantly on the website.

We do bring our own supplies, but let us know if you have any special requirements about the type of cleaning materials you’d like us to use. Our kit normally includes: vacuum cleaner (if you don’t have one), bucket and mop, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, furniture spray, cloths, sponges, gloves, products against limescale and mold. Depending on the extra services you request we may also bring window, fridge and oven cleaning supplies.

Of course, you can. There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to select these tasks from the list of extras in the booking form, or write them down in the “special requirements” section of the booking form. Another way is to reply to our confirmation email or sign into your account and leave the instructions there. Whichever way you choose, we’ll take note of your special requests.